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Pay Finders™ is an iPhone app that allows you to discover and explore merchants that accept Apple Pay™.

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Apple Pay is the easiest way to pay. Pay Finders is making it even easier.
You love Apple Pay, but where can you use it?

You love Apple Pay, but where can you use it?

We asked the same question and went about building the largest hand curated Apple Pay location map in the world.

The Pay Finders map was built by enthusiasts like you discovering new locations, thousands of merchant service sales people and from merchants that want you to know Apple Pay is always welcomed.

Your recommendations of new Apple Pay merchants makes Pay Finders the only live and continuously updated Apple Pay location map with you updating and rating the experience you had with an Apple Pay merchant.

  • Everyday more merchants install Apple Pay.

    Pay Finders is updated hourly.

  • How do you know if a merchant accepts Apple Pay?

    Pay Finders will let you know.

  • Some Apple Pay merchant experiences are not so great.

    Rate it in Pay Finders.

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